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Service Desk Automation

Benefit from a clear view and structure of the Interaction feature ; folder and process menu offers quick folder creation, additional filtering and event visualization.
Allows incoming and outgoing email addresses configuration. You may add as many accounts as necessary. Attach specific email address to specific request models.
Based on established conditions, business rules functions lets the system perform actions on any ticket types. Automated process has never been easier; business rules provide instant efficiency within your support team.
Target tickets and configuration items (CMDB inventory) with specific automated actions.

Simplify recurring manual actions with automation

Focus on value-added service

Let your team focus on real priorities ; automate processes and reduce high maintenance costs. Business rules feature shorten time resolutions and makes employees faster, more productive.

Escalate. Process. Notify. Alert. Automate.

Build context-based advanced scenarios

Automate notifications and escalation processes thanks to the Interaction function. Set automatic rules for quick resource assignments, save time and bottom line, exceed customer satisfaction.

Exceptional Tool, Great Results

Give your IT team extra motivation with this exceptionally effective help desk. Get instant results by improving response and resolution time. Track and measures agent's performance, queues dispatching and service level compliance. Moreover, align support and service to your business goals is key. Start your path to excellence with a codeless, easy to use yet flexible, web-based help desk.

Perfect for small and medium businesses looking to improve customer service.