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Integrated Web Portal

Embrace self-service with Requuest customer portal. Promote fast and interactive service & support.
Agents and clients can exchange notes between each other, adding service transparency and trust.
Client grid view and its columns are entirely customizable. Drag and drop applies ticket filters and custom fields management.
Welcome client with a clean, highly coherent wizard-tool and sleek tiles named after service catalog structures.
The portal supports quick search engine in case queries are unfound by the client.
Provide customers with key ticket statistics, informing them of updates and query status.

Good to go, everywhere you go.

Mobility First

Design and mobile portal custom-fields are customizable. Portal responsiveness allows customers to send on-field queries through their tablet and phone. Guide clients rapidly to the looked-for demand, empowering them with self-service efficiency while improving satisfaction. Plus, real-time collaboration saves you time and reduces client objections.

Create Multiples Forms

Friendly Client Survey

With integrated codeless features, Requuest can generate all kinds of forms and tasks from its portal, including satisfaction surveys and service audits. Portal helps client empowerment thanks to documented resolutions linked to specific demands published on the portal. It also permits parameters and preferences change.

Exceptional Tool, Great Results.

Give your IT team extra motivation with this exceptionally effective help desk. Get instant results by improving response and resolution time. Track and measures agent's performance, queues dispatching and service level compliance. Moreover, align support and service to your business goals is key. Start your path to excellence with a codeless, easy to use yet flexible, web-based help desk.

Perfect for small and medium businesses looking to improve customer service.