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Run Reliable, Custom Reports

Generate unlimited visual metrics with Requuest customizable dashboard. Circular and histogram view types provide highly relevant KPIs and shareable data to management.
Run on-demand reports from built-in prefabricated SQL queries. These available reports are based on popular and actionable reports.
Effortlessly set values in terms of time, duration and grouping type to be displayed in selected graphics.
Found through the advanced search tool, export data as a report or perform an action on the generated tickets.

Streamline IT costs with clear KPIs

Because Performance Matters

Dashboard and its performance indicators usage gives key insights to set goals and identify lack of performance team activities. Continual service improvement can be shaped by assessing support results, helping management to streamline IT operational costs.

Justify IT Success to the Management

Make Return on Investment Happen

Service and support is crucial for any business. Prove it by sending periodic straight forward reports to the management. Benchmark service level and show that you are SLA compliant, delivering high quality support and services to customers.

Exceptional Tool, Great Results

Give your IT team extra motivation with this exceptionally effective help desk. Get instant results by improving response and resolution time. Track and measures agent's performance, queues dispatching and service level compliance. Moreover, align support and service to your business goals is key. Start your path to excellence with a codeless, easy to use yet flexible, web-based help desk.

Perfect for small and medium businesses looking to improve customer service.