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Beautiful Service Catalogue

Easy to use service catalogue allowing categorization of demands with services, categories and requests level.
Requuest gives you extra granularity by defining workflows, service levels, and task models for any type of tickets.
Build all kinds of request forms, ticket templates and client surveys with codeless custom sections.
Fast configuration of request forms within the catalog lets your team build wide-ranging information with unlimited custom fields.
Rapidly assign a ticket to the appropriate team or support agent within the service catalog.
Service catalog increases user satisfaction, automates IT support processes, and rationalizes operational costs.

Monitoring and Service Agreements Compliance

Delight your Customers

Service levels are measured and their attributes can be closely audited. They are part of the full audit proposed by our tool, providing full control to the service provider about any changes to such agreements. Manage with ease all approvals and project operations with task/workflow feature. Also manage impact and urgency as well as response/resolution time in a request form.

Automated Alerts and Escalations

Smart Service Catalogue

Send automated and configurable alerts as the system supports different modes of alerts and types of assignment. Also create notes based on the so-called alerts. Codeless business rules let you speed up support activities and focus on real issues.

Integrated Workflows

Reduce Teams Workload

Sequential climbing, tasks, notes and processes allow dynamic and efficient workflows on all types of tickets - incident, problem, change and, service request. Benefit from automated assignment of tasks to agent, greater timeliness of your team, process transparency and customer experience improvement.

Exceptional Tool, Great Results

Give your IT team extra motivation with this exceptionally effective help desk. Get instant results by improving response and resolution time. Track and measures agent's performance, queues dispatching and service level compliance. Moreover, align support and service to your business goals is key. Start your path to excellence with a codeless, easy to use yet flexible, web-based help desk.

Perfect for small and medium businesses looking to improve customer service.