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Service Level Agreements Made Easy

Establish priority matrices to manage service levels based on urgency and potential impact on incidents.
Easily generate alerts and notifications if an action is due on a demand. A visible notification counter displayed on the main view helps agents get instant info.
Tickets main grid provides clear indicators relating to outdated service levels and priorities due.
Send quick approvals to administrators, manager when building workflows. Completed task send immediate email notifications and alerts.

Service Level Proactivity

Setting a High Bar

Requuest automates permitted actions, while offering you the opportunity to anticipate crisis situations, initiating an action as soon as a problem is detected. Enabling your support staff to focus their efforts on solving a particular problem, rather than having to manage less urgent, recurring demands.

Stay on Top with Clients Expectations

Monitor Custom Results

SLA management parameters can be granularly-specified for each and every demand in the service catalog. Set business hours, support schedules and team availability with service level options. Also set specific goals regarding SLA compliance and service level breaches. Visualize these results through custom reports and key metric dashboards.

Exceptional Tool, Great Results

Give your IT team extra motivation with this exceptionally effective help desk. Get instant results by improving response and resolution time. Track and measures agent's performance, queues dispatching and service level compliance. Moreover, align support and service to your business goals is key. Start your path to excellence with a codeless, easy to use yet flexible, web-based help desk.

Perfect for small and medium businesses looking to improve customer service.